Miss Suzy

Miss Suzy

By Miriam Young
Illustrated by Arnold Lobel

I’m only two years older than Miss Suzy, but I had never seen the book until last year. How did that happen?  I didn’t get to share this sweet story with my kids when they were little, but my grandkids love it.  


Miss Suzy’s story is sweet, but Lobel’s illustrations are even sweeter.  I would love this dear little gray squirrel even if the book had no words.


Miss Suzy loves her little house in the top of an oak tree.  She sings as she cooks and cleans, and loves being rocked to sleep by the wind while looking at the stars through the oak’s branches.  


One day her world is turned upside down by a gang of quarrelsome red squirrels who break up her house, eat all the food she had stored for the winter, and chase her away.


In a pouring rain, Miss Suzy takes shelter in an empty old house in which she happens upon an abandoned dollhouse in the attic.  Its dusty, cobwebbed condition is just the thing to take her mind off her troubles.  The house is quite luxurious compared to her humble house in the oak tree.  


Not only does Miss Suzy find a lovely home in which to spend the winter.  She also finds friends.  She cooks for them, serves them, and tells them stories.  


Miss Suzy is very happy.  Most of the time.  But she can’t help missing her cozy little house in the oak.  One night, she can’t stop a tear as she tells her friends her story.  Being soldiers, they resolve to right the injustice.  I won’t spoil the end for you, but, just in case you are sharing this story with sensitive young readers, be assured that you needn’t be concerned about casualties.  


This book is Purple House Press’s best seller! We are not affiliated with Purple House Press, but we do love the work that they are doing. You can find Miss Suzy at their store here.