Quest: The Serial Bookworm

Welcome to the Stories We Shared Reading Quest Challenge In this post we have linked some of our favorite book recommendations for The Serial Bookworm Challenge. We will continue to update this post as we review more books which would fit into this challenge. This post is part of our Stories We Shared Reading Quest Challenge. Check … Continue reading Quest: The Serial Bookworm

The Miracle of St. Nicholas

"Why can't we celebrate Christmas tomorrow in St. Nicholas?" Set in a small Russian village, young Alexi asks his babushka (grandma) why they cannot celebrate Christmas in their village church of St. Nicholas. In the wake of the Bolshevik revolution, the communists vigorously worked to eradicate religion because it threatened the Russian people’s dependence on … Continue reading The Miracle of St. Nicholas

Good Old Archibald

When Bethlehem Books was having their big summer sale, I combed through their catalog for books that would captivate my reluctant boy reader. My nine-year-old son is a much better reader than he gives himself credit for, but he is easily intimidated by long or text-heavy books. I knew that Bethlehem Books would have some books … Continue reading Good Old Archibald