Hobbit Club Recipes & Links

These links and resources are a support to our "Building A Hobbit Club" series. July & August: The Hobbit Lake Town Cram: check out this interesting discussion Beorn's Honey Cakes Bilbo's Tea Cake September – Bilbo’s Journey by Joseph Pearce I have a review of Bilbo's Journey - coming soon October – The Fellowship of the Ring, … Continue reading Hobbit Club Recipes & Links

Hobbit Club Discussion Questions

Hobbit Club Discussion Questions (July & August) The Hobbit Tolkien, a master of words, uses the word ‘burglar’ to describe Bilbo. What does that mean? How are Bilbo and Gollum alike? How is Beorn like Lewis’s Aslan? Isn’t it interesting that after their stay with Beorn, Gandalf tells the party that he will be leaving … Continue reading Hobbit Club Discussion Questions

Sense and Sensibility Young Ladies Tea

It seemed appropriate to schedule a Jane Austen romance during February for my Young Ladies Literary Tea. Since we did Pride and Prejudice last fall, we were eager to compare the Bennet sisters to the Dashwood sisters, so we chased away the mid-winter blues with Sense and Sensibility. It was a marvelous club. As usual, … Continue reading Sense and Sensibility Young Ladies Tea

Raising Chaste Catholic Men – A Mom Book Club

My husband is the Associate Principal of a large Catholic high school. There is much about his job which is heartbreaking. Our secular culture today seeks to ravage the innocence and chastity of our young people - no matter where they attend school - Christian school, private school, home school, or any combination thereof. While … Continue reading Raising Chaste Catholic Men – A Mom Book Club

Hobbit Club: January 2019

This is part of the Hobbit Club series This month we opened our book club with what we understand was J.R.R. Tolkien’s favorite prayer: The Litany of Mother Mary. We Catholics love our litanies. They are so soothing while also inviting contemplation. Our Lord despises vain repetitions, but He did not object to repetition. In … Continue reading Hobbit Club: January 2019

Understood Betsy Young Ladies Literary Tea

In January, we drank cocoa instead of tea at our Young Ladies Literary Tea. If you have ever read Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s Understood Betsy you will know how important hot cocoa and cookies are. Those awful Putney cousins may make Betsy do farm chores, but they also show their love in cookies and cocoa. On … Continue reading Understood Betsy Young Ladies Literary Tea