Purple House Press Sale

Here is a cheat sheet for the books we have reviewed that are in the Purple House Press Spring 2022 Sale – May 6-9, 2022.

From their Facebook Sale Post:

We had our 22nd birthday a few days ago, so naturally we’re having a 22% off sale….wait no, we can do better…let’s have our biggest sale of the year at 56% off!

Way back in 2000 people told us we wouldn’t last through the end of the year. After all, couldn’t you get any book you wanted at Barnes & Noble? (yes we really heard that one)

To celebrate still being here, which we think is a pretty big deal, our 56% off sale starts on May 6th (just to be punny) and runs through May 9th. You’ll have four full days to browse our books, look for the best deals—don’t forget the bargain books which are already a good deal at $7, and have fun buying books for your home library. As an example, $18.95 books will be $8.34 and $19.95 books will be $8.78.

The books on sale can be found at the link in the picture. They’re 51 titles we warehouse, including many Five in a Row books. After these books are out of stock, most will transition to print on demand paperbacks. If you prefer hardcovers, now is the time to snag them. Especially The Lost Queen of Egypt (the future paperback won’t have pictorial endpages) and Pharaoh’s Boat (future paperbacks won’t have the 4-page illustration that opens, the picture will be shown as two 2-page spreads). Our print on demand books will stay at $1 off for paperbacks and $2 off for hardcovers.

With something for everyone, maybe you’ll find a few Mother’s Day gifts for yourself or the moms in your life, or get some Holiday shopping done super early! We’re expecting a large number of orders, please allow about four weeks for all books to ship. The earlier you order, the earlier yours will go out. We’re estimating each day of sales will take us one week to process and ship. You will get an email with your tracking number when your books ship.

This beautiful illustration is from the back of Miss Jaster’s Garden by NM Bodecker, which is on sale 🥰

Your support is appreciated, it’s kept our family business going for 22 years. Here’s to several more decades! 💜

Here are the books in the sale that we have reviewed:

The Ark
Mad Scientist’s Club
Man of the Family
Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald
Miss Jaster’s Garden
Pickle Chiffon Pie Olympics
Practical Princess
Rowan Farm

We have reviewed other Purple House Press books as well. You can always find all of our PHP reviews here.