Sara’s 2017 Reading Log

Book Stack 3

Sara’s 2017 Reading Log

A Part of our 2017 Reading Stack Series

Current Reads for my Spiritual & Intellectual Life:

Current Reads for Plumfield and Paideia Projects:

Current Reads with My Children

Completed Reads With Reviews (for Moms): 

Completed Reads With Reviews (for Kids): 

Completed Reads With Reviews Coming Soon:

Completed Reads Without Reviews:


  1. I counted 48 completed reads! In 6 months! How many hours a day do you read? What’s your reading routine? Do you use audiobooks a lot?
    I’d be interested to hear your strategies for getting so much reading done.
    Thank you.

    1. Sara Masarik says:

      Hi Sarah! I read early in the morning, I use audiobooks for novels, and I read again at night. This is from last year, but it explains some of how I read:

  2. Thank you. That post was very helpful. (As is this site ?)

    1. Sara Masarik says:

      God be praised! Truly, I am so glad. If we can be a help to anyone it is just a small repayment we make to the many who have helped us (and all those who continue to help us) on our own journeys.

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