Young Ladies Literary Tea

43331171_10155906892186375_4516007405636550656_oSince our first book club in June 2017, I have marveled at the way that this book club for young readers has grown and changed. All of this has been a grand experiment, and I have learned so much about what works well for us and what could be improved. One dream of mine was to have a tea party-style book club for young ladies. Thanks to my dear friend Giovanna and her hospitality, we did just that for Louisa May Alcott’s An Old Fashioned Girl and we had the form for what we would now call a Young Ladies Literary Tea. Giovanna continues to open her home and take care of all of the table service, while I greet and meet with our young ladies. It is marvelous fun!


As we go, I will update this page with our teas.

An Old Fashioned Girl
Freckles & A Girl of the Limberlost
Eight Cousins & Rose In Bloom
Pride and Prejudice
Betsy Tacy High School Books
Understood Betsy
Sense and Sensibility

A Witch of Blackbird Pond
The Autobiography Of St. Therese of Lisieux